People's Path

The people's pathway consists of 10,000 ceramic tiles decorated by Victorians on the opening day in February, 1978 of the Arts Victoria '78 Crafts Festival. The decorations on the tiles reflect the diversity of backgrounds and ages of those who took part in Arts Victoria '78. They range from detailed drawings and intricate patterns to symbolism, graffiti and obscure personal messages. The 10,000 decorated tiles are supplemented by 10,000 plain tiles which together were laid by the Melbourne City Council to a circular design by Melbourne ceramist, Ian Sprague.

The tiles form a unique garden walkway in the north-west corner of the Fitzroy Gardens, adjacent to the intersection of Landsdowne and Cathedral Place. The path was officially opened by the Victorian Premier, the Honourable R. J. Hamer on the 18th February, 1979.